Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salami Artichoke Bites

Winner - Get Social with Mini Fillo Shells Contest
Just opened my mail and found out that I won $50 and free products for this recipe!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stuffed Fiesta Pork Tenderloin

NEW! Ready, Set, Cook Recipe Contest -- $5,000 grand prize! This contest required Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® ingredients and at least four other official contest ingredients. I actually came up with this recipe with items I already had in my kitchen and it was delicious. 

Shepherd’s Crescent Pie

Second attempt at the Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest! Similar concept but this time I managed to stay within in the rules of seven ingredients and use the required ingredients. This recipe had to be prepped and assembled within 30 minutes. Helps to read the rules thoroughly! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Piroshki Party

STUFFED! Spent hours making Piroshki with my fabulous mother and wonderful aunt. Of course we had help! The dough can be used for any type of filling. Get creative, go with the traditional, try just veggies or something sweet. We made four different kinds! 

Chicken Adobo

I cannot take credit for this juicy dish I walked into tonight! My husband did dinner and I of course had to clean. You have to check out the directions. It is so easy and packs on flavor!   

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bakin’ Jack Mac

Making macaroni and cheese from scratch is so much more amazing then a box and anyone can do it. Yes, we all know that bacon makes anything tasty…but truthfully you could make this without bacon and it would be just as fabulous! The concept is very versatile so mix and match any cheese, pasta, meat or even add vegetables! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mini Shepherd’s Pie

Stuffed. So delicious! I made these with the upcoming Pillsbury contest in mind (doable dinners) until I actually read the rules tonight. Had to be 7 ingredients or less! Oh well…these were so good I had to share. I know they aren't healthy, so I choose to put salad on half of the plate.

Ham and Egg Baskets

This is such a cute and easy breakfast. The boys enjoyed assembling these and of course eating them! You could really use any kind of cheese or vegetable. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Garlic Mac Cakes

This recipe was developed for the Gilroy Garlic Festival contest, but is a favorite in my house. I love hiding vegetables in kid-friendly dishes and this recipe has the disguise of macaroni and cheese. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garden Tomato Sauce

I love making a big batch of tomato sauce to use all week!  I like to make mine after work on a "leftover" night because it is done before I go to bed. You can get at least two dinners  out of this recipe depending on what you make. My husband makes the meatballs and pasta and uses the sauce from the refrigerator. TEAM WORK!

Tomatillo Salsa

I am sure missing my CSA delivery and would love some tomatillos. You can still make this without tomatillos and replace with tomatoes. Farm fresh heirloom tomatoes are best, but not available to my knowledge this time of year. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roasted Chickpeas & Broccoli Pasta

We have been trying to avoid pasta, but what I have found is if you are making a pasta dish make sure to reduce the pasta amount recommended and add more vegetables to replace.

Buffalo Chicken Mini Muffin Poppers


In honor of the 12th man…buffalo chicken dip is transformed into a popper. Very fun to make with Cole despite the loss. This recipe was made especially with the infamous Bake-Off® Contest in mind.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Protein Packed Blueberry Pancakes

This is so easy! Add a scoop of protein powder to your pancakes. Even better…if your protein powder is sweetened then you will need less syrup (sorry mom, but it is true).

Friday, January 11, 2013

Edamame Cashew Chicken Sauté

Chinese food was requested by the gang when I got home from work. And my sweet husband offered to "buy" if I "fly." But last time I ran to get Chinese on a Friday night I got pulled over for speeding. Instead I raided the kitchen and came up with this! Check out Cole helping me.  

Sun-Dried Tomato & Feta Turkey Ball Stew

Bella Sun Lucci Sun Dried Tomatoes were required for this recipe contest. The boldness of the feta goes perfectly with the vibrant flavor of Sun Dried Tomatoes. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chocolate Chunky Monkeys

Cole waiting to get the first bite of these! 
These were created for the Scharffen Berger Chocolate 2012 Chocolate Adventure Contest. Entry had to be a sandwich and banana was the ingredient we chose from the required list. Oh…and of course chocolate was required - DUH!

Creamy Spinach and Salami Cups

This is just one of the many Mini Filo Shell recipes I have done and you can be certain to expect more. This contest is so fun, super easy and the kids love helping and eating when it comes to these.

Caprese Loaf

Yields two loaves of flavorful cheesy topped bread and is super easy to make.This picture doesn't do it justice. Imagine a Caprese Salad flavor in a cheesy soft bread! This creation was developed for the 2013 National Festival of Breads contest.

Award-Winning Bruschetta Sausage Salad

*2012 Finalist in Reser’s ® America’s Best Potato Salad Challenge. I wish I had a better picture...but here it is. 11th place in the Nation...not to shabby! 

They must be sick of it!

I am pretty sure my family and friends are sick of me posting pictures of my food and forcing them to vote for my recipes online. I decided that I must share my cooking adventures in a solely dedicated forum.

Somewhere I can post it all – pictures, contests, recipes and fun times cooking with the kids! Get ready to enter my kitchen.