Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lunch Box Love!

Send some lunch box love! Believe it or not…every night I have at least one lunch to make. Hubby and I have different work schedules. Although, this is quite challenging at times we choose to sacrifice for this short time while the boys are young. We do our best to keep them with at least one of us most of the time.  
Sure…we will have family vacations some time and experience the Monday through Friday family weekend adventures at some point. But for now…we have a couple of little minds, hearts and souls to mold and influence. This is probably something we both take too serious. As if they were the future of society…wait a second…they are!

We have such a lovely support team (Elizabeth, Amy and Nana) to get by with that “in-between” time the best we can. Next school year my youngest will start preschool and I already miss every second I spent nursing him late into the morning before I had to be at work. Why does it go by so fast?! People tell you this. “Cherish it now” they say. How could they say that as my little one “melts” on the floor at the dentist screaming for a candy?   

I knew I always wanted to be a mom. I knew I needed a job when I grew up. Doing both is tough (if you are considering this…let’s talk). You never feel like you are doing any job right. I always feel like I could do my job better and of course I could be a better mom. As if being a mom isn't guilty enough…here I sit on Sunday night awaiting my weekly abandonment.

I am very confident about where I leave my boys every day. Such love!  They both speak highly of the people and family that take care of them when Tanner and I aren't there. But, is there something to be said about mom?

I don’t even know what it is. Well I guess I do since my mom and I are best friends! But my husband always says when I return from a work trip, “they were okay with me…but they for sure wanted you.” This surprises me! When I am gone he pushes ice cream and games as opposed to me with bath and books. To all those mom's with obligations this week. I prepared. But you can’t prepare for this! It’s that the truth!

The only thing you can do is prepare and live for today! This week, despite my many meetings across the state, we have T-ball, parties, homework and more. Amongst all of that, why not send a little love via the lunch box?!


  1. This post hits home and I love that you send little tokens of love in the lunchboxes. :) Those precious times DO go by so fast. I am probably just a sap but I often look down at my 3 month old while he is nursing, and picture me sitting at his high school graduation one day when I will be closing my eyes and trying... just TRYING to remember what it was like to feel him in my arms again... to feel him nursing again and looking up at me and smiling. See! I'm crying as I type this!! LOL There is nothing we can do to slow the time, but cherishing RIGHT NOW while it is still here is everything we can do. :)

    Thanks so much for joining us at our first ever blog hop! And thank you even more for Showin' Some LOVE by writing a post about LOVE. :)

    Have a beautiful day and week!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Amanda...I don't usually get too personal with my blog, but your LOVE challenge inspired me.