Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Bourbon Street

I have always been intrigued with the chicken and waffle craze, but I have to say I have never tried before. This sandwich takes that concept to a whole new level. Parmesan fried chicken breast meets whole wheat cheddar waffles grilled with creamy Havarti cheese and topped with spicy brown sugar bourbon syrup. Oh yes I did that!

I am feeling really good about this entry - so innovative and of course tasty. The Grilled Cheese Academy contest ends next week and in looking at the past winners, they all have a “The…” in front. Chicken and waffles is inspired by southern cuisine and spicy and sweet bourbon syrup screams Louisiana. Thus I introduce to you “The Bourbon Street.”  Since this is a high-profile contest...I can't share the exact recipe here, but after the winners are announced I will.   

Now’s it’s time to get out and play in the beautiful sunny weather we are having.

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  1. Sounds awesome! My husband is the one who usually orders the chicken and waffles when we eat someplace that serves it, but it's never a sandwich, just two disparate things on a plate. The sandwich angle is very creative. Good luck! Found you via I Don't Like Mondays :-)