Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp Fire Trout

We have some of the best fishing spots in the Pacific Northwest. Trout are largely existent in our Washington lakes and there’s nothing like catching a big one on a camping trip with friends.

Our friend Wid caught a huge trout this last weekend camping and he was so proud to cook it for us. Can you believe he doesn't even like fish? Apparently an even bigger fish broke his line and missed the trip to the camp fire.

He was perfectly capable of cleaning the fish, despite the concern of others at camp, but not knowing how to cook this fish…we all consulted each other. Cooking trout doesn't take much and after several consultations with the ladies in camp and a YouTube video, he went with salt and pepper, butter on the inside, lemon on the skin side and flame down for moisture and flavor penetration, wrapped in foil and over wood burning fire. Simple, but tasty! That’s how it should be in the outdoors.

The little campers had aspirations of catching a big one too. Actually I think they would have just been happy with a small one, but all they caught were salamanders and a craw fish. I think if one of them hooked a big one they would have been so shocked and pulled into the water!

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