Monday, July 1, 2013

S'mores + Peanut Butter = you have been missing out

I keep seeing all of these fancy S'mores recipes on facebook and Pinterest. What about adding something simple to something that is already great?
With camping season just “heating up” (I use that term as I am sitting in my basement dripping from the 90° weather we are having in the Northwest),  S'mores are a camping must. Obviously I can’t make a fancy S'mores iteration of cookie, cake or ice cream in a dirt-
filled, propane fired kitchen situation.  

When you are camping simplicity is a must. Strangely enough, that is why I like it. Either you brought it or you didn’t. There’s no store or unlimited spice rack….work with what you got. Something I also love about camping is giving treats to the hard-playing kids who are deprived from treats on so many occasions. Camping is a “treat” for all and S'mores is just what everyone orders.

Making S'mores with kids calls for lots of adult woman oversight. More than just helping them, we must taste test to ensure tastiness. Recently on a camping trip one genius friend of mine, Sophia, suggested we add peanut butter to the S'mores. LIGHT BULB! Volunteers to “try” this perfect combo came out of the woods!  We tested. We tried. We devoured.

Next time you make S'mores with your family camping (or in your back yard if you are my friend Emily), slap some peanut butter on the graham cracker. You’re having fun, you’re camping, whatever…don’t complicate a good thing!   

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