Saturday, November 2, 2013

Slow Cooker Chunky Chipotle Beef Stew

Writing about this dish makes me chuckle. Not a giggle and certainly not a laugh…a chuckle. My husband asked if “we” could make a beef stew this week.” Of course,” I said. But…after I learned about a few contests coming I knew I couldn't just waste a Saturday afternoon making an ordinary beef stew. Who wants to be ordinary?!

Thinking quickly while grocery shopping I knew I wanted to do this stew in the crock pot and the clock was ticking! With the thought of adding spice I went with chipotles in adobo sauce to be the star flavor accompanied by the typical stew vegetables. Browning the meat before cooking helps sear in the juices, but the corn, sour cream and cilantro help balance it to a surprising level.

I am still chuckling because I made it way too spicy for the kids to eat (contest entry will have the spice toned down), but my husband devoured it, loved it and said “this doesn’t count as beef stew.” Does that mean I need to make a beef stew again? Don’t assume – just ask. Apparently that is a compliment and means it is better than any beef stew out there. Again…chuckling. Generally he says..."why can't we have a normal dinner?" hehehehe

I bet you want the recipe…would love to share, but right now this recipe is under consideration for a contest. I will of course share at a later date.

Grand Prize: $5000 for the winner, and $5000 to the soup kitchen or food-related non-profit of the winner's choice.
14 Runner-up Prizes: $100 Amazon Gift Card.

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