Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Fitness Journey

I always thought people who were “fit” were crazy! Don’t they eat? Don’t tell me you are in a good mood after your sweat session and please don’t share your protein shake with me! 

I became that person. I know...crazy! For the record…I eat more now than I ever did. I love taking sweaty selfies and I will share my protein shake with you any time. I gained a new attitude and haven’t felt this good…ever! I lost 17lbs and over 20 inches. 

So…I also became a coach. Yep. I just became that person too. Until I was in a challenge group (competition always gets me going), I didn’t realize how much support is so essential in fit goals. I teamed up with other women struggling with nutrition, exercise, work and family life. Having each other is the key to success. 

I love my quick workout program, sharing clean meal ideas and lending an understanding ear. I wish I would have found the support and motivation I needed sooner; I am not perfect by any means, but I would be happy to help anyone else who is struggling. Message me any time…I love chatting!

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