About Us

~ I like to stuff things. Things I cook.
~ My schedule is always stuffed
~ My heart feels warmly stuffed.

Sometimes you overeat and you feel stuffed. But when you get up the next day, you’re hungry again…ready to get stuffed. My life feels similar. Sometimes I over-stuff my schedule, but the next day I get up and am ready to stuff it again. Hungry for new challenges and success, some people call me “busy.”

Truth is I make my schedule. I am not busy, I am productive and I enjoy it. I figure life is too short to just watch the clock tick. I am just a hard working mom who shares her kitchen with two little boys. My sous chefs, Liam and little Cole, inspire me more than I was ever inspired before.

I was an out of shape mama who loved to cook and had the belly to match. I loved to indulge in every aspect. I gave off an air of confidence on the outside but was quickly becoming less confident on the inside. I was physically tired, but more tired of what I saw in the mirror.

In December of 2013 I started clean eating, regular exercise and drinking a daily protein and multivitamin meal replacement drink daily. I was just looking to work hard and lose some inches off my waist and thighs, but most of all feel good about my body when I looked in the mirror!

Through a surprisingly short process I gained so much more than weight loss. I get up to work out every day happy and proud of myself for my accomplishments. I am now a better wife, mama, daughter and co-worker. I love who I have become. I still love to cook – just exploring new ways.

I love sharing my new lifestyle and surrounding myself with people who want to gain a more fit life. Especially those who don't know where to start! I would love to help you.

What you can expect on this page/blog in the future: 
Quick Dinners
Family Meals
Healthy Kiddo Tips
Nutrition Info I Find
Meal Prep Ideas for Busy Days
Contests and More!

Hope you enjoy the changes…now go get stuffed!


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